Nomin kids kindergarten

The kids and youths are our future brightness
“Nomin Kids” kindergarten has opened in September of 2013. “Nomin Holding” LLC has established this kindergarten in order to increase our social responsibility of the company. At this time, our kindergarten has 2 subsidiaries which is locate in “Nomin Tenger” complex that under state protection and “Nomin Office” in Khan-Uul district. Also our kindergarten has over 15 employees and about 150 kids are coming to our kindergarten for daily bases, and 60% of total kids are “Nomin Kids” employee’s kids. 

The kids and youths are our future brightness and their education and knowledge is has to be the most important thing for us to keep in our mind constantly. The occupation kindergarten instructor requires highly intensity of professional skills to treat kids properly and ability to give them perfect advice that needful for building up their future attitude on everything. In fact, this occupation needs high skilled and potential experienced employees, so we hired people who have identified as suitable candidates for the occupation. And our employees are fully satisfied for their condition of working environment and loved what they do day-to-day bases.
Our company’s nearly goal is to open more kindergartens in different locations. If we could do that, we would become biggest chain-kindergarten for the first time in Mongolia. Right at this time, Mongolian social service to the kids is poor and it is biggest missing hole in Mongolian government. At this point, It is great thing to do, if private sectors would try to fill that hole by their strong cooperation with government. We are happy to fill that hole by assisting to the society and it will be our dedication for everyone. We will provide high quality education for every child.